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Support the Rittenhouse Lawns

Rittenhouse Square's lawns are a beloved gathering space for all of Philadelphia, and so starting in the Spring of 2023, the Friends of Rittenhouse Square are starting a multi-year project to restore, protect, and beautify our lawns!

It has been over 20 years since the last major lawn restoration in Rittenhouse Square. With the increased use of the park during the COVID pandemic, and the general love our lawns get every day, a more intensive approach is needed.


Did you know It costs $2.56 to revitalize 1 square foot of lawn in Rittenhouse Square? 

This work is only made possible by our community, please help by donating today. 

To read more about this project click here. 

Yoga in the Park

A yoga mat in Rittenhouse Square covers about 11 sq. ft of lawn, and what better way to relax than doing yoga, or reading a book in the park! Your donation of $28 will help ensure 11 sq. ft of lawn stays lush and green for all to enjoy, and will be recognized on our website.


Yoga in the Park

Selin Amado

Steven Zakulec

Yoga in the park
 A Family Picnic

A picnic blanket in Rittenhouse Square covers approximately 27 sq. ft of lawn, and there is nothing better than laying out on a summer day in the park with friends, family, and snacks! Your donation of $70 will help ensure 27 sq. ft of lawn stays lush and green for all to enjoy, and will be recognized on our website.


A Family Picnic
James Loveman

Ann Leahy

Family Picnic
Walking the Dog

A dog on a six foot leash, enjoys access to over 113 sq. ft. of lawn, where they roll, sniff, and… dig! We love our furry friends, but they also have the largest impact on our lawns. We, therefore, encourage all of their owners to help support the lawns that they love so much.


With your donation of $289 we can revitalize 113 sq. ft of lawn and you will receive:

  • A branded Friends of Rittenhouse Square Leash

  • Recognition on our website 

  • A free Furry Friend membership

(must be combined with an active human membership)

walking the dog
Grassroots Sponsor

Grassroots sponsors enjoy the following benefits:

  • Family membership to the Friends of Rittenhouse Square

  • Listing as a Grassroots Supporter of the Rittenhouse Square Lawn on all signage and on our website.

  • Friends of Rittenhouse Square branded picnic blanket


Grassroots Sponsors
Harvey & Lisa Ostroff

Wendy & Paul Rosen

Susan & Leonard Klehr

Joann Needleman & Peter Breslow

Grassroos Sponsor
Interested in supporting this project in an even more impactful way?
Contact us today for more information.
Grassroos Sponsor
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