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Support the Rittenhouse Lawns

Thanks to our Friends at John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, your gift in support of the Rittenhouse Lawn Restoration Project will double in size - helping us make the grass even greener.


Our beloved Square is a cherished gathering spot and oasis for all, though in recent years, the increased wear and tear on the Square's lawns have impacted the beauty of the park. That is why FRS has set out to restore every square foot of lawn over the next four years, after all that’s what Friends are for!


We need your help.

Did you know that it costs $2.56 to restore one square foot of lawn in Rittenhouse Square? By donating today you can help restore more of Rittenhouse Lawns, receive exclusive Friends of Rittenhouse Square gifts (like a pet leash or picnic blanket), and Knight Foundation will match your gift - dollar for dollar. 

Yoga in the Park

A yoga mat in Rittenhouse Square covers about 11 sq. ft of lawn, and what better way to relax than doing yoga, or reading a book in the park! Your donation of $28 will help ensure 11 sq. ft of lawn stays lush and green for all to enjoy, and will be recognized on our website.


Yoga in the Park

Alan Windle
Anna Grygiel
Anonymous Donor
Bruce Bohri
Carol Saline
Donna Ferrari
Elise Bruhl
Elizabeth parks
Enerel Munkhzul
Erica Fenton

Jake Felt
Jenny Sherwood

Jonathan Stanwood

Julie Losco
Kate Barbour
Leigh Schemanski
Margaret Wren
Marissa A
Nicole Lemanski
Ronald DiBiase
Selin Amado
Steven Zakulec

Yoga in the park
 A Family Picnic

A picnic blanket in Rittenhouse Square covers approximately 27 sq. ft of lawn, and there is nothing better than laying out on a summer day in the park with friends, family, and snacks! Your donation of $70 will help ensure 27 sq. ft of lawn stays lush and green for all to enjoy, and will be recognized on our website.


A Family Picnic

Ann Leahy
Carol Huegel
Claire Owen & David Plante
Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm Ecker
Dr. Harold and Linda Yaffe
Elsbeth Haymon
Fidelity Charitable
James Loveman

Karen Vannasdall

Leon Aussprung & Lea Ann           Molineux

Mr. Benjamin E.Zuckerman &       Ms. Marian Robinson
Mr. Luis DeVelasco
Mr. Miles Cohen
Ms. Dodi Fordham
Paula Sexton
Roger and Bev Rubin

Family Picnic
Walking the Dog

A dog on a six foot leash, enjoys access to over 113 sq. ft. of lawn, where they roll, sniff, and… dig! We love our furry friends, but they also have the largest impact on our lawns. We, therefore, encourage all of their owners to help support the lawns that they love so much.


With your donation of $289 we can revitalize 113 sq. ft of lawn and you will receive:

  • A branded Friends of Rittenhouse Square Leash

  • Recognition on our website 

  • A free Furry Friend membership

(must be combined with an active human membership)


Walking the Dog
Anonymous Donors
Barbara Plumeri
Brendan Loftin
Grace & Ted Wohlsen
Jacqueline Stern

Janice & Arthur Block

walking the dog
Grassroots Sponsor

Grassroots sponsors enjoy the following benefits:

  • Family membership to the Friends of Rittenhouse Square

  • Listing as a Grassroots Supporter of the Rittenhouse Square Lawn on all signage and on our website.

  • Friends of Rittenhouse Square branded picnic blanket


Grassroots Sponsors

Ken Wellar
Ms. Laura LaRosa
Missy Randolph
Philip Balderston
Susan & Leonard Klehr
Joann Needleman
Lisa & Harvey Ostroff
Karen Buchholz
Wendy and Paul Rosen
Sam & Kate Sidewater Foundation

Grassroos Sponsor
Interested in supporting this project in an even more impactful way?
Contact us today for more information.
Grassroos Sponsor
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