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The Friends of Rittenhouse Square is a membership organization governed by an Executive Committee and a volunteer Board of Directors elected in November whom each serve a three-year term. We hold two annual meetings for the membership in May and November. Updates are provided on finances, ongoing programs, events, and current projects.

Rittenhouse Square was planned in 1682 by William Penn and his surveyor Thomas Holme, making it the fourth oldest park in the US. Of the five Philadelphia parks they planned, it is the only one to continuously retain its original intent: an urban square to be used as a place of retreat & respite.


Since its founding, improvements to Rittenhouse Square have been led by an engaged group of neighborhood stewards. Upon its inception in 1976, The Friends of Rittenhouse Square group manages many programs and projects needed to sustain the venerable city park. As a nonprofit, we are supported through membership, special events, private donations, sponsorships, and special campaigns.



Since 1683, Rittenhouse Square has been a place to meet up with friends, share a meal, and relax in the park's natural beauty. Through the action of past visionary neighbors, leaders, and friends, the Square has remained vibrant and critical to the vitality of Philadelphia. 

To this day, the Square has not lost its original character largely because of the people and businesses who make up the Friends of Rittenhouse Square. The Friends have taken on the bulk of the financial responsibility to sustain Rittenhouse Square, ensuring the park and neighborhood remain vibrant.

The Friends fund special projects
to address the ever-changing needs of the Square.

While the Square

has many fans, what it really needs is more



Friends of Rittenhouse Square operates on an October 1 through September 30th fiscal year.

Filed tax returns for the organization can be found online at:

Financial statements are available on request by emailing:

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