The Friends of Rittenhouse Square is governed by a Board of Directors composed of professionals, business owners, executives, and philanthropists residing and/or working in and around Rittenhouse Square.

Directors are elected in November and serve a three-year term.

Please contact info@friendsofrittenhouse.org for more information. Candidates must have a current Friends of Rittenhouse Square membership and submit a letter of intent with resume by September 15th for consideration.

Bart Blatstein, President
Stephen J. Lightcap, Vice President of Finance
Doug Blonsky, Vice President of Landscaping

Ken Wellar, Secretary


Adam Laver

Amanda Burden

Andrew Yaffe

Brendan Walsh

Brian Stetler

Carter Caldwell

Christopher Tiano

David Braverman

Drew Brown

Herbert J. Reid III

Jack Soloff, Jr. 

Jeff Brown

Jeremy Kay

Lisa Popowich

Phil Balderston

Sabrina Thorne

Laura LaRosa

Linda Lightman
Mark Nicoletti

Nicole Cashman

Nikki Purvy

Peter Madden

Reed Slogoff

Renee Dubyk

Rob Wasserman

Ryan Boyer

Shira Yoshor

Tim Shaaban

Dominique Casimir

Ramnik Chopra

Brian Emmons

Steve Gartner

Rick Gross

Ken Mallin

Harvey Ostroff

Matt Pestronk

Missy Randolph

Ryan Sanders

Ismail Shahid

Ken Sharples

Donna Slipakoff

Wayne Spilove